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Three Steps to an Effective Search

By following this three-step Search process, you can increase your chances of finding an item on this site.

1. Enter your search word(s) or phrase that describe what you are looking for. You can use a multi-word phrase or more than one search word (separated by spaces).

2. Select your search criteria: you can search for documents that contain an exact phrase, all words entered, any words entered or an advanced boolean search expression.

3. Narrow your search: choose the search category, a section of content on this site that most likely contains the item you are looking for.

Search Word(s) or Phrase

Enter a multi-word search term or phrase. With more information, you are more likely to find relevant results. For instance:

  1. Enter  metal products, not just metal.
  2. In general, don't use the word export, but a more specific descriptor.

Search Criteria

Select the correct Search Criteria:

  1. A search on the Exact Phrase export metal products will return documents with sentences such as "Find export metal products here" and "We offer various export metal products ".
  2. A search on All Words export metal products will return a document only if it includes all of the individual words export AND metal AND products.
  3. A search on Any Words export metal products will return a document if it includes any one of the individual words export OR metal OR products.
  4. A Boolean Search will return a document only if it meets the criteria specified in your advanced Search expression. See Advanced Tips for more detailed information on Index Server query language.

Search Category

For best results, you can narrow your search by selecting the category of content that pertains to the subject you are looking for. For instance, you can search for a word or phrase that specifically appears in International Companies section of the site, or you can search for that word or phrase on the whole Export.ca site.

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