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Frequently Asked Questions

Why appear in Export.ca? 

In the global economy, trade matters more than ever for growth and jobs. Exports account for over 40 percent of Canada's gross domestic product, and more than 3 million Canadian workers owe their jobs directly to foreign markets. There's no doubt that international trade is very important to Canada. This is the reason why businesses must have access to the information and services needed to take advantage of international business opportunities. To ensure that they do, the Export.Ca business-to-business e-commerce portal provides wealth of import / export related information.

Following are key benefits of Export.Ca portal that can help you to succeed:

  • You will find Canadian exporters and importers to start or expand an import export business using our global business directory.

  • Your information will be presented to specialized, targeted audience i.e. international buyers who want to research Canadian market and find high quality goods and services.

  • You will have an opportunity to post buy and sell inquiries and find new trade partners on Canadian or international markets.

  • Your goods and services will get global exposure via our network of international trade and export partner sites.

  • Your will find new business opportunities using our Trade Shows and Events directory.

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Do I have to pay to be registered? 

Yes, our annual charges for directory listing are set as per following table:

 Package Details  Price, USD   Price, CAD (includes HST) 
 One month subscription   5.99   6.77 
 Three months subscription (1st month FREE  11.99   13.55 
 One year subscription (1st month FREE  39.99   45.19 

All invoices are payable within 30 days from the receipt, after which if the subscription fee is not received, registered users will be deleted from our database.

Payment can be made either electronically online via credit card or by mail.  

Why do I have to register? 

Registration provides the user with a unique ID and password. Using this unique ID and password the user can then update a listing or company profile as required. We plan on continuously adding enhancements and features to this site. Registered Canadian and International users will have access to some specialized features of this site when they become available. 

What do I have to do to enhance exposure to my company’s capabilities and products at the Export.ca web site? 

A number of advertising options are available:

• Advanced Listing – Includes Logo & Link to Web Page
This type of listing provides you with your company’s logo next to you company’s name in the alphabetic listing. In addition, your company’s web site may be linked to your listing reference. This enables potential clients to get more details about your products and services through your own web site. The enhanced listing has the advantage of click-through from Export.Ca to you own web site.

• Advertising Banners
Advertising banners are offered in two basic sizes, mini banner and full size banner. Potential clients do not have to go to your listing (by alphabetical order or by a search) to see your company. The banners can be displayed on any of the menu pages linked to your own web site. The placement of banners is based on the number of orders that we receive. Please note that this placement is not guaranteed. We will try our best to accommodate your request for placement of your banner at strategic locations on our site however this will be done on a first come first-serve basis and depending on space availability.

• Premium Listing – Includes Advanced Listing plus Priority Search Results
Priority Search Results ensure that name of the company is displayed in alphabetical order in the first 10 results of a category, keyword search view. This is limited to the first 10 customers of export.ca in each category or keyword search. 

Can I provide links to my web-site? 

Yes. Any of the advertising options mentioned above enable links to your company’s web site. 

What is Global Marketplace? 

The Global Marketplace provides an opportunity to for all our visitors to post buy and sell enquiries. Users can search listed enquiries. The lists can be sorted by the title headings online. 

How do I get access to the Global Marketplace? 

A valid User Id and Password is required for viewing detailed information e.g. Contact Information of the buyer or seller. Please register to use your user id and password. If you are registered as a Canadian Exporter, your can use the same User Id and Password in the Global Marketplace. A separate User Id and Password Registration process is not required for access to the Global Marketplace. 

What about e-commerce and on-line customer interaction? 

Our team of developers and consultants has extensive knowledge and experience in developing sophisticated Internet applications, which enable you to conduct your business on-line. Please contact us for an initial free consultation should you have a requirement to develop a transaction-oriented e-commerce application. 

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