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ABEC Ltda.

  Company Information
Address 8501 Warden Ave., Box 56555,
City Unionville
Province ON
Postal Code L3R 0M6
Contact Person Steve  Seal
Title Director
Phone (416)  491 5365
E-mail abec@sympatico.ca
  Business Profile
New Source, New Market, New Profits.

If the above subject interests you and/or your company, then you and/or your

company should be participating in the two world's largest economic growth areas

(Asia and Latin America) identified by Fortune 500. Latin America, is the area of

our business activity, in particular the United States of Latin America, Brazil.

After dealing with the Orient, one appreciates the ease of doing business with Latin America. Latin America, is a smaller market than Asia but it is an easier market for North Americans.

However, Business culture is different. The contract is considered a statement

of ideals, and definitely secondary to the personal relationship between the parties, unlike the North American system, which puts the "business" of the contract at the top and the friendships subservient to the business. That is why the most senior executive must go in person, visit the facilities and arrange for reciprocal visits. Follow up is everything. Letters, faxes, telephone calls and solicitations of interest

mean very little except in the context of face-to-face contact. It is the personal

touch that gets business done and until there is a satisfactory relationship

established, no business is likely to result.

It is exactly for the above reason that we are contacting you, just in case you

and/or your company are thinking of embarking on a business venture in Brazil. And if you are thinking about this, then you should be thinking about us.

We provide a unique service, based on 20 years of experience in the Brazilian

marketplace, that takes you from your office to a face-to-face meeting with that

person(s) in Brazil who may be that integral piece necessary to your success in the Brazilian marketplace.

Should you be interested in Brazil as a new market, please don't hesitate to contact us for more information at

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