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  Dairy products
  Fish and Seafood
  Frozen food
  Organic Food

Offers to Sell
 Description     Country     Date Posted     Target Price     Status     Tender 
 Hot Chocolate Dispenser     China     Mar 21, 2008     < $1000     Open      No 
 Commercial Fountain     China     Mar 21, 2008     < $1000     Open      No 
 Home Chocolate Fountain     China     Mar 21, 2008     < $1000     Open      No 
 Lucky gift cookie     China     Jan 23, 2008     < $1000     Open      Yes 
 Normal chocolate fortune cookie     China     Jan 23, 2008     < $1000     Open      Yes 

All Offers To Sell...


   5B Group International Inc
  Supplier & exporter worldwide
Company Profile 

   Alpine Brands Corporation
  International Trading House
Company Profile 

   Atrium Biotechnologies inc.
  Biotechnology company
Company Profile 

   Automatic Refreshment Vending Machines
  Sales/Supplier of Vending Machines
Company Profile 

   Canadian Food Exporters Association
  Trade Association
Company Profile 

   Canadian Polar Trade Inc
  Exporting Canadian Products
Company Profile 

   Canadian Polar Trade Inc.
  Exporter of Food and Beverage products
Company Profile 

   Caribbean International Supply Ltd
  Foodservice equipment
Company Profile 

   Carriere Foods
  Processor of canned and frozen vegetables.
Company Profile 

   Chianti Food Processors Inc
  Processes fifteen types of calamari products.
Company Profile 

   Contrex Trading Corp.
  Canadian Import / Export company focussing on Europe and the Caribbean
Company Profile 

   Érablière La Lichette
  We are a producer of maple syrup
Company Profile 

   Fukui North America
  Supplier of equipment, technology, and consulting to the shellfish and finfish aquaculture industries.
Company Profile 

   Groupe Alimonco Inc.
  Import and Export of frozen food commodities
Company Profile 

  Indenting Agent for export/import
Company Profile 

Company Profile 

   Int-Agra Technologies Inc.
  Mobile Microwave Hay Drying Machine
Company Profile 

   Island_Pacific imports
  Export to the Philipines
Company Profile 

  Export Biological Food
Company Profile  | Web Site 

   Park Trading
  Purchasing agent for Caribbean customers.
Company Profile 

   PGA Trading and Shipping Inc.
  Sourcing&exporting engineering/oilfield/foodservice equipment
Company Profile 

   Rommens Heydary
  North American Broker of Iranian Caviar and Black Label Products.
Company Profile 

   Shady Maple Farm Ltd.
  Founded in 1974, Shady Maple Farm has built a solid international reputation as a world's major processor of Pure Maple Products. Shady Maple Farm's serious commitment to quality is reflected in its ISO-9002 certification.
Company Profile 

   Sum Trade Corp
  Import / Export Foods , Pulses & Grains
Company Profile  | Web Site 

   Tradewind Enterprise
  Export-Import Marketing Solutions
Company Profile 

   Unic Marketing Group Ltd.
  Seafood Exporter/Importer
Company Profile 

   Vancouver Marine Group
  supplier for marine industry
Company Profile 

   World Line Centre D'affaires
Company Profile 

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